Kid IUS Took Part in EYOF 2019 Celebrations

On 10 February 2019 Sarajevo has become a proud host of yet another Olympic event: European Youth Olympics Festival, or EYOF 2019, which is maybe the largest sports event in Sarajevo after the Olympic Games of 1984. EYOF is a major multi-sport event which gathers the best young athletes and has a vital role in the development of sports with European youth.

Bearing in mind our principle of social responsibility and the importance of sports for the healthy development of youth, International University of Sarajevo (IUS) had signed a memorandum with the EYOF organizers to help in the organization of the event. Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF) has also taken part through its other educational institutions, such as Kid IUS.

On Feb. 11, 2019, pre-school “Kid IUS” had a performance in the EYOF Olympic Square, that was organized to promote Olympic values and socialize with the athletes. The program was a chance for pre-schools, primary schools and high schools to present a picture of Sarajevo to guests, through creative workshops, exhibitions, music performances, and recitals. It was a chance to also express the creativity and imagination of teachers.

Kids of our kindergarten “Kid IUS” performed the traditional sevdalinka “Crven Fesić”, which the teachers prepared together with the music professors, the instructors of the Interactive music workshop “Tempo”.  The music professors teach kids at our institution two times a week, as an additional program. Their performance was made and carried out to show the spirit of the traditional Bosnian-Herzegovinian songs and children’s playfulness. 

The children welcomed the audience in 20 languages, the exact number of EYOF member countries, to which the audience responded with emotion and thrill.

Our children have shown that they are ready and can already take part in programs like this. We take pride with the fact that kindergarten “Kid IUS” is the only pre-school that took part in this program, and that we represented the work of our institution in the best way possible.