KidIUS Kids Visited IUS library

On Jan. 27, 2017, as part of regular curriculum of KidIUS kindergarten, the group of children aged 3 – 6 visited IUS library with their teachers Azra Halilović and Amela Papić.

Reading from an early age helps children develop language skills and enrich their vocabulary, introduces them to the world of imagination and art, enhances their listening skills, and develops their observation and logical reasoning. Guided by this idea, IUS library staff has paid special attention to introducing children to the world of reading and showing them the importance of visiting libraries.

During their visit, the childeren were able to see where and how the books are being kept, the way in which book are being arranged on the shelves, and how to lend them. The visit ended with talks and games. In the reading room, IUS library manager Merima Arslankadić read the story of Pinocchio. The little ones were given the task to color a picture of Pinocchio and his cricket friend.

KidIUS is part of the Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo (SEDEF), with a special focus on interactive approach to education and child rearing.