Ramadan mini charity bazaar

On Friday, 3rd of June 2016., "Kid IUS" little ones organized Ramadan mini charity bazaar. Customers enjoy the children's handicrafts, from greeting cards, drawings, decorated cups, bracelet, necklace, beads to the delicious sweet and savory delicacies prepared by the diligent hands of our teachers and mothers.

We wanted show to our children the joy of helping others by doing what they know best with what we currently have. We have learned that belongs to us only what we give to others from the heart wanting to cheer and help.

The money we raise will be spent for humanitarian purposes, in the hope that we will justify the trust that they have placed in us parents and all those who participated in our first mini bazaar.

To all Muslims we want blessed month of Ramadan with prayers to Allah to accept our fasting and worship.

Mubarek Ramadan