Kid IUS participated in the Children’s week program

On the occasion of marking Children's Week, preschool children from our Kid IUS Preschool, as a partner organizer, participated in the manifestation "Games without Borders and Differences", organized by the Youth Association "Good Work" and the Centre for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Sarajevo, also a partner organizer, on October 1.2019.

The event was attended by many guests from the public and cultural life of the city of Sarajevo, and Certificates of appreciations and art paintings from the Art Colony 2018 held by the Association of Encustics, were delivered to Mayor of Ilidža, Senaid Memić, representatives of Trnovo municipality, representative of Novi Grad, Mr. Taib Delalić , representatives of the Centre for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Sarajevo, prof. Amina Pilav, director of Kid IUS Preschool, Nedzma Masic-Alibegovic.

The event was followed by numerous media outlets and portals.

Together, we have sent the message of the importance of involving every child in pre-school and elementary education, in the play, fun and social life of this city. The program, which involved children from public institutions, private institutions and the non-governmental sector, is proof that one can move towards a systemic solution; only everyone needs to have one common goal - a child.